About Hedgehogs

Rescue – Rehabilitate – Release


Hedgehogs are Nocturnal and should not be seen in the daytime.

Hedgehogs needing rescue:
Out in the day (unless a large hedgehog acting with purpose – rushing around with nesting materials)
Lying out in the sun
Wobbling may appear drunk
Dragging a leg
Caught in something like Netting/elastic bands/cable ties/fences/between walls
Surrounded with flies/birds
Found in a Pond/Swimming Pool/Drain
A hoglet(s) out of a nest

When to call for advice

Disturbed nest – Please call ASAP 07557646773 our call handler will talk you through and advise you on the next steps – this can vary dependant on circumstances.
You feel the hedgehog out in the night is too small – Hedgehogs can gain weight when support fed, please do not pick up hedgehogs acting normally in the night, hedgehogs stress. easily. We are aware a healthy hedgehog can survive hibernation at 450 grams.
Caring out garden maintenance and believe you have a nest.
Your dog is barking in the garden at night, and you believe you have a nest.
Another other query with hedgehogs our call handlers are happy to advise.
Hedgehogs require professional help; it is important they are directed to an appropriate person who can diagnose and treat. All Hedgehog Helpline field hospitals operate under veterinary guidance and have undergone training and continually professional development.

What to do next

Place the hedgehog in a high-sided box or pet carrier
Place a heat source this can be a hot water bottle/bottle with hot water – not boiling, wrap the heat source in an old tea towel or similar and place with the hedgehog
Cover the hedgehog with another old towel or similar
Offer wet cat/dog food or dry kitten/cat food along with a dish of water
DO NOT Give – fruit, nuts, mealworms, milk, bread, sunflower hearts, cakes
Place the box somewhere safe away from pets/children and day to day noises

Next Steps

Our call handler will triage your call whilst providing support and guidance.

Offering an admission; you will be asked to deliver to one of our field hospitals closest to you, if you are out of the area or we are unable to accommodate you will be further guided.

Our field hospital manager will contact you directly, providing you with the address and time to delivery the hedgehog. Please do not worry; the hedgehog is safe in your emergency box. This is warming the hedgehog up and will allow our carer to administer treatment sooner.

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