Nest Boxes and Feeding Stations

Nest Boxes

A nest box provides a safe dry place for a hedgehog to make a nest. There are many styles of nest boxes available, please remember hedgehogs can reach over a kilo in weight and it isn’t unusual to have a healthy hedgehog at 1.5 Kg in weight, therefore the nest box should be a decent size.  If you intend making a nest ox, please ensure the entrance to the box and bedroom is the size of a CD.

Position in garden

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  • Place the nest box in a sheltered part of the garden, under some shrubs is ideal.
  • Place Ideally on well drained soil or place an old patio slab under it.
  • Ensure the entrance hole doesn’t face prevailing winds.
Hedgehog Helpline have been making a selling nest boxes for a number of years. Keith our founder designed the ideal box size for all sizes of hedgehogs as well as a litter with mum.
  • The box is constructed with new materials.
  • The design won an award and the design has been protected.

    Nest Boxes

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  • Built by volunteers.
  • Collected or delivered within South Wales only.
  • Profit from the sale funds our work.
£50 each  

Our boxes offer exceptional value for money, compared to others on the market.


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    Helping the hedgehog along by providing some fresh bedding material of straw